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Hertfordshire Biker Down

RegularsJames Evans
Hertfordshire Biker Down

Hopefully you’ll never be the first on the scene of a road crash, but if you were, would you know what to do? What if you were out riding with your mates and one of them was involved in a collision — but you didn’t know how to save their life?

It’s easy to think that this won’t happen to you, but sadly it’s a scenario that’s far from unusual. That’s why the Biker Down programme was created — to help bikers help each other, and also to prevent crashes happening in the first place.

Bearing in mind doing the Biker Down course can save your life or the lives of your friends, it’s pretty good value — because it’s free. Even better, it’s not as though you have to make a huge time commitment because this three-module course takes just three hours to complete. The three topics covered are:


A Fire Bike team member guides you through how to deal with a crash scene involving a motorcyclist, including how you can ensure your own safety. You’ll find out what information you need to gather, to help the emergency services as well as any legal obligations.

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Delivered by Herts Fire & Rescue Service instructors, this module covers:

  • Trauma and mechanism of injury
  • Snatch rescues, why when and how
  • Basic life support
  • How to give CPR
  • Managing spinal injuries
  • When and how to safely remove a crash helmet


Not being seen by other road users is one of the main reasons why motorcyclists are so often involved in collisions. Here you can find out how you can make yourself more visible without having to resort to covering yourself from head to foot in luminous yellow. Designed by advanced instructor Kevin Williams of Survival Skills Motorcycle Training, this module will prove to be an eye opener — guaranteed.

Get involved

You can take part in the Biker Down course if you’re part of a large biking community, a club or an organisation – or as an individual. If you’re booking on behalf of a club you’ll need to accurately predict how many people can guarantee their attendance and we’ll dedicate an event to that one group.

If you want to take part as an individual just email us (details below) and you’ll be contacted as soon as an event becomes available. Once a booking is agreed please ensure you can honour it as the spaces on the courses are much sought after and non-attendance means someone else will miss out.

Those who have taken the Biker Down course say:

Quality instruction and presentation from all instructors. Learnt new skills and knowledge from the start of the course and throughout. Fantastic idea, thank you very much.

Length of each element just long enough to maintain interest. Instructors particularly good at their specialist subjects and put it across in a good friendly manner. Will recommend to all my motorcycle friends.

Excellent. Instructive and thought provoking. Great to have quality input delivered by engaging people. An excellent introduction to biker first response. Presenter’s knowledge was first class with an added sense of humour.

A great course, really informative and interesting with a great group of instructors and presenters. I will be recommending it to everyone I know who rides.
Find out more on the Biker Down Herts Facebook page Or email

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And there’s more...

If you’re new to biking you’ll hopefully want to build on your existing skills. And if you’ve already enjoyed several years in the saddle, it could be time for a refresher course — especially as it’s free.

As part of the Biker Down programme you can have an assessed ride with a qualified advanced motorcyclist who will give you impartial, expert feedback on what you’re doing well and where you could develop your skills.

Each assessed ride lasts around 90 minutes and covers about 20 miles. While the ride is not a training package, it will highlight any safety issues so you know if it’s worth booking yourself onto a training course with a third party.

Before booking onto a Biker Down course make it clear that you’d also like an assessed ride afterwards. The ride is free but if you’re given an IAM observer you may wish to make a contribution towards their petrol costs.